Historical Background

Tharu Home – Resort is one of the tourist resorts and hotels in and around the Bardia National Park. The owner of the hotel is from local Tharu community which is known as indigenous people of this area residing here even during epidemic of malaria. The history of this hotel takes you all back to that time when the hotel in this location was known as Rhino Express and then after Bardia Natural Park.
Due to a decade long armed conflict like other tourist hotel and resort in and around the district, this hotel also suffered a lot and came to a position of complete shut down and lost its former legal identity of Bardia Natural Park. But due to unflinching and ever-lasting interest and enthusiasm of owner (couple) of this hotel to serve every native and foreign visitor to Bardia National Park with local food and cultural along with information regarding to local community, flora and fauna of national park, Owner restarted the same industry of hospitality with a new legal identity of Tharu Home – Resort.